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Introducing the "Forin French" Nail Polish 2 Pack - your ultimate duo for salon-quality nails. This set includes "Forin French," a lovely sheer pink, and "Cake Soap," a stunning white polish.

"Forin French" is a versatile sheer pink that serves as an essential base for creating the timeless American French manicure. In Jamaica, we affectionately refer to America as "Forin," making this duo even more special.

Individually, "Forin French" adds a delicate pink tint to your nails, perfect for a natural look. It also acts as an ideal base for various nail art designs, allowing your creativity to shine through.

"Cake Soap" is a true, full-coverage, stark white polish. It's excellent for creating a pristine French manicure line, adding sophistication to your nails.

The name "Forin French" reflects the duality of this exceptional duo. Embrace the American French manicure style, or use each shade individually to suit your mood and style.

Achieve elegant, salon-worthy nails with ease using our long-lasting, quick-drying formula.