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Introducing the "See It and Nuh See It" Nail Polish 3 Pack - a captivating trio that perfectly embodies the essence of Jamaican style and allure. This set includes "Good 'Ole Wife" a demure and classy sheer nude, "One Man" a stylish sheer pink inspired by a popular dancehall song professing love, and "Glue" a special sheer white symbolizing the strength of a bond.

"Good 'Ole Wife" is a sheer nude, exuding elegance and sophistication, just like the timeless qualities of a devoted and faithful partner. It represents the demure charm that leaves a lasting impression.

"One Man" is a sheer pink, capturing the spirit of romance and passion. Inspired by a popular dancehall anthem, it embodies the stylish allure of a confident woman expressing love for that special someone.

"Glue," a sheer white, symbolizes the unique quality that holds a partnership together. Like a strong bond, this shade adds a touch of magic to any manicure.

The name "See It and Nuh See It" is a popular Jamaican saying that perfectly reflects the sheer nature of these colors. With one light coat, they create a minimalistic, barely-there look, but with two or three coats, they become more opaque and captivating.

These sheer shades can be used alone for an understated elegance or as bases for creative nail designs, offering endless possibilities.