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Introducing the "As A Good Gyal" Nail 4 Pack is a collection of salon-quality, long-lasting, and quick-drying nail polishes from our original Jamaican brand. Embrace the essence of Jamaican It Girls, known as "Good Gyal," with these stunning shades that reflect their confidence and style.

"Maiden Cay" captures the trendy summer color of turquoise, inspired by the clear waters surrounding the Maiden Cay island off the coast of Kingston. Just like the hot spot beach where Good Gyal flaunt their bikini bodies, this color exudes summer vibes and tropical allure.

"Cake Soap" offers a classic white shade, a staple nail color in a Good Gyal's wardrobe. This color pays homage to the iconic laundry soap that makes everything white, symbolizing the pristine and flawless appearance of a Good Gyal.

"Yardie Barbie" features a vibrant Barbie pink shade, representing the doll-like beauty and charm of a Good Gyal. Jamaicans refer to themselves as "Yardies," and this color embodies the playfulness and confidence that makes them stand out.

"Everyting Peachy" is a delightful peach shade, taken from the Jamaican way of life where "Everything Alright" is a common saying. Like a Good Gyal who knows she's got it all together, this color radiates positivity and poise.

The "As A Good Gyal" 4 Pack celebrates the elements that define Jamaican It Girls, from trendy beach-ready colors to the classic staple of white. Each shade reflects the confidence, vibrancy, and beauty that embodies a Good Gyal's spirit.

With this 4-pack, each shade reflects the confidence, vibrancy, and beauty that embodies the Good Gyal essence.