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Introducing the "Kingston City" Nail Polish 4 Pack is a salon-quality, long-lasting, and quick-drying collection from our original Jamaican brand. Each shade and name in this collection embodies the vibrant spirit and cultural elements of Kingston.

First, we have "Duh Road," a light grey shade that symbolizes going out to socialize, a cherished aspect of Jamaican culture. Just like the light grey of this polish, Jamaicans are known for hitting the streets, enjoying the lively atmosphere, and connecting with others.

Next, we present "Street Dance," a holographic black shade reminiscent of the electrifying nightlife in Jamaica. This color captures the essence of the energetic street dances that bring people together, where the vibrant black hues shine under the lights.

"Wife Material" is a chalky pink shade that represents the confidence and desirability of Jamaican women. Just as this pink exudes femininity and allure, it reflects the qualities that make women in our culture stand out.

Lastly, we bring you "Talk to mi nice," a baby blue shade that embodies the pride and friendliness of Jamaican people. When you encounter us in the streets, it's important to approach with respect and kindness, just like this gentle blue polish suggests.

The "Kingston City" Nail Polish 4 Pack celebrates the essence of Jamaica's capital city, with each shade and name reflecting the vibrant culture and characteristics of its people.

With this collection, you can adorn your nails with colors that evoke Kingston's social scene, nightlife, confidence, and pride.