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Introducing "The Summer is Back" Nail Polish 5 Pack, an exquisite salon-quality assortment of long-lasting and quick-drying nail polishes from our original Jamaican brand. Embrace the vibrant and lively spirit of summertime in Jamaica with these stunning shades.

"Maiden Cay" captures the essence of a tropical paradise with its turquoise hue, inspired by the clear waters surrounding the beautiful Maiden Cay island off the coast of Port Royal Kingston. Just like the summer beaches, this color exudes a refreshing and mesmerizing allure.

"Sunset at Ricks" features a dazzling bright pink shade, mirroring the breathtaking pink, orange, and red hues of the famous sunset at Rick's Cafe in Negril, Jamaica. Immerse yourself in the magic of Jamaican sunsets with this eye-catching color.

"Scotch Bonnet" embodies the fiery spice of the Jamaican pepper with its rich amber-yellow shade. This color reflects the bold and passionate energy of Jamaican culture, making your nails sizzle like the summer sun.

"Sour Like Lime" brings the zesty charm of a neon yellow-green, taking inspiration from the spirited lyrics in the dancehall song "Tek it Easy." Just like the vibrant beats of Jamaica, this color will enliven your nails and ignite your soul.

"Yardie Barbie" offers a captivating Barbie pink shade, symbolizing the confidence and allure of Jamaican ladies, often referred to as "Barbs" and "Yardies." In the summertime, these Barbies are out, embracing their beauty and radiating charisma.

"The Summer is Back" 5 Pack celebrates the vibrant and lively spirit of summertime in Jamaica with its stunning and exciting colors.

Each shade represents a unique aspect of the Jamaican experience, from breathtaking sunsets to fiery spices and lively dancehall beats.