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Introducing the Yaaad Winter Nail Polish 3 pack, by our original Jamaican brand. Embrace the essence of winter with these salon-quality, long-lasting, and quick-drying polishes, each named to capture the spirit of the season.

First, we have "Christmas A Come," a Sacramento green shade inspired by the festive season. This name is derived from a popular Jamaican song, reflecting the anticipation and joy that comes with Christmas celebrations.

Next, we present "Midnight Mass," a captivating Prussian blue reminiscent of the night sky. This shade pays homage to the cherished tradition where families gather for a midnight church service on Christmas Eve, sharing in the spiritual significance of the season.

Lastly, we bring you "Unda Di Sea," a serene seafoam color. In Jamaica, where winter doesn't bring the chill, we can enjoy the beach all year round. This shade represents the freedom and beauty of our island's coastal treasures.

Indulge in the enchanting colors of the Yaaad Winter 3 pack, by allowing your nails to reflect the winter spirit in a uniquely Jamaican way. With their salon-quality formula, these polishes offer long-lasting wear and quick drying, ensuring your manicure stays flawless no matter the season.

Embrace the joyous holiday season, the warmth of community, and the beauty of our island home with the Yaaad Winter Nail Polish Trio.