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Introducing the "Birtday Suit" Nail Polish 2 Pack - the epitome of natural elegance for your nails. includes "Goodie Goodie," a sheer creamy nude, and "Good 'Ole Wife," a sheer nude shade.

"Goodie Goodie" is a delightful sheer creamy nude, evoking a sense of purity and elegance. "Good 'Ole Wife" offers a timeless sheer nude tone, adding sophistication to your nails.

The "Birtday Suit" duo adds a touch of Jamaican flair, playfully spelling "birthday" in the local dialect. Both shades resemble the classic nude tones that complement any outfit - just like your trusted birthday suit. Embrace the natural beauty of your nails with these sheer colors, or build up the opacity with each coat to achieve your desired level of coverage. 

Wear them individually for a chic and minimalist look, or use them as the perfect base for creating intricate nail art designs, adding a touch of Jamaican charm to your fingertips. Our salon-quality formula ensures long-lasting wear, quick drying time, and an impeccably smooth finish.

Get ready to unveil your stunning "Birtday Suit" and feel confident in your nail game, Jamaican style.