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Introducing the "Party Animal" Nail Polish 3 Pack - a vibrant trio that brings the pulsating energy of Jamaican parties right to your fingertips. This set includes three stunning shades inspired by the lively Jamaican party scene.

First up, we have "Bashment," a holographic white named after the large and lively parties in Jamaica known as "bashment." This holographic shade sparkles like the dance floor lights, adding a touch of glamour and excitement to your nails, making them stand out in any crowd.

Next, we have "Street Dance," a black holographic glitter that captures the essence of dancehall parties taking place in the streets, usually at night. The bright, holographic elements in this shade reflect the vibrant colors of the wardrobes seen in the dancehall under the night sky.

And finally, we present "Duh Road," a chic and modern light grey shade that pays tribute to the vibrant streets and social scene of Jamaica. Just like the light grey of this polish, it adds an air of sophistication and versatility to your nail collection, making it a staple for any occasion, whether you're hitting the dancefloor or attending a social gathering.

The name "Party Animal" perfectly embodies the spirit of this trio, as all three shades are reminiscent of the high-energy party scene in Jamaica.

Whether you're dancing the night away at a bashment, enjoying the vibrant nightlife at a street dance, or hitting the road for a social venture, these nail polishes will keep up with your party animal spirit.