GIMMI SUP'N Collection

Created with every female in mind. Since it was my first collection, I wanted to choose a range of colours so that there was at least one for every woman. "Gimmi Supn" Collection (c) arose from everyday life in Bella's, a humble nail salon on the small but potent island of Jamaica. "Gimmi Sup'n" is Jamaican, and translates to "give me something". When clients come in they trust their nail artist to know what suits them. Depending on their mood, they say "Gimmi sup'n nice", or "sup'n sexy" etc, and they allow the nail artist to decide what is best. The colors that makeup this collection can suit any mood.

This Collection has  6 colors, which are Vegan, Long-Lasting, Quick-Drying, and Smooth Application.

Feeling girly? You want "Sup'n Soft.

Feeling grown? You want "Sup'n Nude." 

Feeling sultry? You want "Sup'n Dark." 

Feeling cute? You want "Sup'n Pink." 

Feeling yourself? You want "Sup'n Sexy." 

And if you are not too sure what you are feeling, you want "Sup'n Nice.”